WikiHow Nail Art

WikiHow nail art will be your best tribute to two things that you love most, WikiHow web page and nail art! As it name implies, WikiHow nail art is inspired on the web page’s logo. You know that WikiHow is one of the best tutorial-based website on the Internet. I often use this web page to look for new inspiration to create new nail design. That is why i want to show my gratitude to all their contributors by providing tutorial of WikiHow nail art.

WikiHow nail art

Ready to read full tutorial of WikiHow nail art? Very good. First, you need to prepare a white nail polish. We’re gonna use that as base coat on WikiHow nail art. If you don’t have any, i suggest you to go to local nail supply store to get ‘em. Already got one? Now apply it into all over your nails. We need an opaque looks here, so you need to apply this step for one or two times. Wait until all of them to get dry and you can continue to next step on creating WikiHow nail art.

WikiHow nail art

Now, grab a dotting tools or fine nail pen to create WikiHow logo. It is an essential part in our WikiHow nail art, you might want to take your time. Please note you’re only need to draw your index fingers. As soon as you finish with the ‘W” logo, you can continue with the “H” logo. Just use the same tools and black polish. Wait until all part dry, then you can add top coat on your WikiHow nail art.

Well, that’s it! Very simple right? It should take less than half an hour to create WikiHow nail art. Even if you’re now to nail art, you can do it in no time. If you want to ask more about this tutorial, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will try to provide more information of WikiHow nail art here.

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