White Star Nail Art

White star nail art is an elegant nail design. It is perfect for any kind of occasion, including prom night or dinner gala. I know that now there are lot of nail salon that offer special package to create a nice white star nail art. But why spending lot of cash on such design if you can do it for yourself at home? Stay here little bit longer, i will teach you how to do white star nail art.

White star nail art

Ready to read full tutorial of white star nail art? Just like any other nail art, you should prepare your nail first. Wash your hands to remove all cuticles and dirt. For best result, you need to apply top coat on it. Since we need an opaque result, you should do it two or three times. As soon as the base coat dry, grab a black polish. Use into all of your nails. Wait for them to dry before you proceed into the next step to create white star nail art.

White star nail art

Have some dotting tools at home? Very good. Use this tool to create small white stars on the center part of each nails. Be careful when you do this, because we need precise and accurate stars to make a good white star nail art. Since we’re talking about elegant looks here, you might want to add some glimmery looks on your nails. Use random swoop brush to randomly apply glitter all over your nails. you must be sure that all of them overlap those stars. For the final step, you can add top coat on your white star nail art.

See? It is quite simple to create a nice white star nail art. If you want to ask for more tips for this tutorial, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with all information about white star nail art.

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