Water and Paper Nail Art

Water and paper nail art is a good-foolproof way to decorate your nails. If you have experience few failure on your attempt to create a nail art, you might want consider to try water and paper nail art. It can be created within minutes. I guarantee that it will works like a charm girls. Make you looks beautiful, but don’t cost too much time and effort. Stay here little bit longer and read my complete guide on water and paper nail art.

Water and paper nail art

Ready to start water and paper nail art tutorial? Here we go. First thing that you need to do is create the paper design. Grab a piece of paper and start to draw something on it. Anything that you put on those paper will be attached on your nails, so you better make something funky. As soon as you finish, cut the drawing. Remember, it need to be as big as your nails. Don’t forget to leave some spaces. This is very important to make good water and paper nail art.

Water and paper nail art

Now, you need to grab light nail polish. Paint all your nails using this color. If it’s necessary put two coats of them. That will make your nails looks opaque, which is very good. For the next step, you need to prepare a bowl of warm water. Dip a finger that you want to put your design on. Do it for 5 to 10 seconds. Remember the design that you create on paper previously? Now is the time for you to attach it on your wet nails. Leave it there for 30-60 seconds. Peel the paper and you’ll see that the ink is left on your nails! Add some shiny effect by applying some top coat on your water and paper nail art.

Well, that is all. If you want to ask more about this tutorial, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with more guide on water and paper nail art.

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