Valentine Nail Art

Valentine nail art is what you need to celebrate the best Valentine’s day of your life. Every women is always dreamed of having sweet design on their nails and Valentine nail art is the best answer way to make that dream come true. There are lot of good nail design that you can wear on Valentine’s day, but only few of them that can be created at home. Find one of them here, in my tutorial of Valentine nail art.

Valentine nail art

Ready to read the complete tutorial of Valentine nail art? very good. First thing that you need to do is prepare a white polish. If you already have one, start to apply it on all of your nails. Since we’re gonna need an opaque look, you might want to add an extra coat. Believe me, it will look good for your Valentine nail art.

Valentine nail art

Got make up sponge or Q-tip at home? Good, because we’re gonna use it on our attempt to create a nice Valentine nail art. Use the sponge to paint large amount of pink, red, and purple on your nails. There is no exact rules on where you can place the colors, so just do it on random places on your nails. Wait until all them get dry. Now, using a proper dotting tools, draw a black hear in the middle of each nails. Please note that you’re only need to draw a hear with black line. There is no need to fill it in with other colors. For the final step, add top coat on your Valentine nail art.

That’s it! You are now ready to go out with your new Valentine nail art. If you want to ask more about this design, feel free to do it via comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with more Valentine nail art ideas here.

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