To The Point Nail Art Ideas

To the point nail art is a good example for a nail art that made based on school theme. It feature picture of a pencil. Really simple but look cute on the same time. Should be a great addition to your everyday look. Especially if you’re a high school student. You can finish this nail art in less than 5 minutes, so it won’t take much of your study time. Interested to learn more about to the point nail art? Then you should stay here little bit longer and read my complete guide on to the point nail art below.

To the point nail art-1

Ready to start my complete tutorial on to the point nail art? Very good. First thing that you need to do is clean up your nails, all of them. For those of you who already wear nail art before, use nail polish remover to get rid of all paints on your hands. This is very important to avoid smudge on your to the point nail art. Once you done with that, you can start trimming your nails with a fine buffer. It will be useful to re-shape your nails. To clean them up from dirts and cuticles, you can use nail file. Once you done with these preparations, wash your hands with fresh water and we can start to make our own to the point nail art.

To the point nail art-2

To the point nail art-3

To the nail point nail art need a fine and clear coating. That is why i recommend you to use white color. Start to apply the color on all over your nails. This will be base coats of our to the point nail art. Grab yellow nail polish and start to draw basic shape of a pencil. You may use pink color to create the eraser and beige for the pencil tip. complete the whole pencil look by adding black lines between pencil and eraser. Do not forget to make small dots on the pencil tip. Add top coat and you can go to school with your brand new to the point nail art.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to know more about to the point nail art, you can contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to read all your question and provide you with more tips about to the point nail art here.

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