Tiger Nail Art

Tiger nail art is one of the coolest design that i ever see. If you want to impress your friends in a party, then you’re definitely need to consider wearing tiger nail art. I know that there are lot of nail salon out there that able to provide you with good tiger nail art within hours. But why you want to spend lot of money on it, if you can create your own tiger nail art at home? Here is my tutorial of tiger nail art.

Tiger nail art

Ready to read the complete tiger nail art tutorial? very good. First thing that you need to do is pick a base color that won’t look too dark. I believe that you should remove black, deep purple, and navy from your list. Also remember that your color shouldn’t clash with the sharpie. In this case, i prefer to use orange to reassemble the actual tiger nail art. Create few light coats. Let them dry for 10 minutes before you continue with the next step on creating tiger nail art.

Tiger nail art

Tiger nail art

Next step in my tiger nail art tutorial is pick the sharpie. This time, you should choose darker colors. It could be red, blue, or purple. But if you really want to have a standout looks, i suggest you to pick between silver and gold. Already decide? very nice. Using the sharpie, you can start to draw some uneven lines to replicate tiger stripes. I suggest you to do straight lines, but if you think that it will looks better with wavy ones, you are free to do it. For the final step, add top coat on your tiger nail art.

That’s it. Your tiger nail art is ready girls! Now you can take it outside and steal all the attention. If you want to ask more about this guide, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I still got lot of tutorial and tips for tiger nail art.

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    this pic are so cool;.nice job:D