Valentine Burst Nail Art Ideas

Valentine nail burst-1

Valentine burst nail art is a great example for a nail art that inspired by Valentine, but use different approach. You won’t find any heart shape on Valentine burst nail art, because the main idea is to make a Valentine …Continue reading →

Heart to Heart Nail Art

Heart to heart nail art-1

Heart to heart nail art is a good way to welcome valentine day next year. If you love to wear colorful design, then you should start consider to wear heart to heart nail art. It is dominated with blue nail …Continue reading →

Heartthrob Nail Art

Heartthrob nail art-1

Heartthrob nail art will be a good way to boost your everyday’s appearance on Valentine day. If you’re currently bored with the usual Valentine day nail art, you should consider to wear heartthrob nail art. It is quite tricky to …Continue reading →

First Love Nail Art

First love nail art-3

First love nail art is a good way to welcome valentine day or at least show to other people your caring. First love nail art is pretty easy to create and it doesn’t involve any multiple colors or rhinestones. This …Continue reading →

Broken Heart Nail Art

Broken heart nail art 3

Broken heart nail art is a good way to show the world, how’s your feeling right now. But please note that broken hear nail art is not always associated with dark and noir design. You can make different look by …Continue reading →

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