Batty Nail Art

Batty nail art-1

Batty nail art is cute nail design. It is inspired by bats, a kind of creepy night flying creature. However, batty nail art use purple and black nail polish, so it should look very cute. It will be a perfect …Continue reading →

Frankies Nail Art

Frankies nail art-1

Frankies nail art will become your unique Halloween look. Why? Because it is inspired by Frankenstein characters! However, unlike the usual Frankenstein nail art, Frankies nail art is dominated with neon green nail polish. It should look quite different than …Continue reading →

Daisies Nail Art

Daisies nail art-1

Daisies nail art will look good on those of you who love to wear flower nail design. It is pretty simple but i’m sure that there will be lot of people out there who can’t stop admiring your daisies nail …Continue reading →

Bunny Ear Nail Art

Bunny ear nail art-1

Bunny ear nail art is very good for those of you who love to use rhinestones on your nails. But there’s no need to worry about being trapped in an over-glamour look since bunny ear nail art is pretty simple. …Continue reading →

To The Point Nail Art

To the point nail art-1

To the point nail art is another good example for back to school nail art. It features a nice pencil graphics, colored with bright yellow nail polish. If you plan to create new look for your come back to school, …Continue reading →

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