Bejeweled Nail Art

Bejeweled nail art-1

Bejeweled nail art is a good example of a nail design that use rhinestones and jewel. If you plan to create such dramatic look on your nails, you should consider to wear bejeweled nail art from now on. Bejeweled nail …Continue reading →

Starry Sky Nail Art

Starry sky nail art-3

Starry sky nail art is a good example of how a good rhinestone can make a difference on your overall appearance. If you plan to attend formal event like dinner gala or wedding party, i suggest you to wear starry …Continue reading →

Rhinestone Nail Designs

Rhinestone nail designs

Rhinestone nail designs is a great way to enhance both artificial or natural nails. You should be able to create a nice and jazzy looks with this kind of style. There are plenty of rhinestone type available around, from basic …Continue reading →