Bus Stop Nail Art Ideas

Bus stop nail art-1

Bus stop nail art will be a great way to decorate student nails. If your summer break is over and you want to wear new look when you back to school, you should try to wear this bus stop nail …Continue reading →

Ring Nail Art

Ring nail art-1

Ring nail art is pretty much similar to throwing rice nail art. Both of them are designed for bridal or wedding purpose. However, instead of using rice, ring nail art involve use of rhinestones and glitter silvery powder. I am …Continue reading →

Christmas Tree Acrylic Nail Art

Christmas tree acrylic nail art-3

Christmas tree acrylic nail art is one of the best way to welcome winter and Christmas this year. It is quite different from the usual Christmas nail art, so you should be able to impress your friend and family with …Continue reading →

First Love Nail Art

First love nail art-3

First love nail art is a good way to welcome valentine day or at least show to other people your caring. First love nail art is pretty easy to create and it doesn’t involve any multiple colors or rhinestones. This …Continue reading →

Starry Sky Nail Art

Starry sky nail art-3

Starry sky nail art is a good example of how a good rhinestone can make a difference on your overall appearance. If you plan to attend formal event like dinner gala or wedding party, i suggest you to wear starry …Continue reading →

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