French Ruler Nail Art

French ruler nail art-1

French ruler nail art is good for those of you who already feel bored to the traditional color of French manicure. It will look good for those of you who currently spend most of your times at school since French …Continue reading →

Bonjour Nail Art

Bonjour nail art 2

Bonjour nail art is another form of traditional French manicure. If you already bored with the usual pink and white color combination on French manicure, i suggest you to try wearing bonjour nail art from now on. It is fresh, …Continue reading →

French Hibiscus Nail Art

French hibiscus nail art

French hibiscus nail art is one of the best modified form of the traditional French manicure. If you’re kinda bored with such nail art, i suggest you to try wearing French hibiscus nail art. Although this kind of design looks …Continue reading →

Acrylic French Manicure Designs

Acrylic French manicure designs

Acrylic French manicure designs might sound interesting for those of you who interested to try French manicure designs, but don’t want to sacrifice your naturally grown nails. This is also the best style if you want to boost some natural …Continue reading →

Tips for French Nail Design

Nail design French tips

Nail design French tips is one of the most famous form of nail arts. It is so easy to do and won’t require much time to create. Basically, you are only need to clean up your nails, put pink colors …Continue reading →

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