Hot Air Nail Art

Hot air nail art-3

Hot air nail art is inspired by cute-shaped balloon. If this is your birthday and you want to have a special look, hot air nail art is one of the best alternative. It is quite easy to create and don’t …Continue reading →

Hot Dots Nail Art

Hot dots nail art 3

Hot dots nail art is a good variant of polka dots nail art. If you’re currently bored with the available dot nail design, you might want to consider wearing hot dots nail art. This kind of design is very easy …Continue reading →

Queen of the Jungle Nail Art

Queen of the Jungle nail art 3

Queen of the Jungle nail art is inspired by animal print design. It combine leopard and tiger print by using gold and black color. Queen of the Jungle nail art is great if you want to attend an extremely fun …Continue reading →

Windblown Nail Art

Windblown nail art 3

Windblown nail art is a nail design that inspired by autumn season. If you want to show how’s your feeling in a warm autumn season, you might consider to wear windblown nail art. It feature soft brown color with a …Continue reading →

Pink Flower Nail Art

Pink flower nail art 1

Pink flower nail art is very good for those of you who love to wear anything that related to flower and tropical themed nail design. Pink flower nail art involve use of light colors and rhinestones. It should be perfect …Continue reading →

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