Raised Elegance Nail Art

Raised elegance nail art-3

Raised elegance nail art is one of the best example for the use of acrylic nails. If you’re currently interested on such nail art, then you should consider to wear raised elegance nail art to improve your overall appearance. Especially …Continue reading →

Purple Acrylic Nail Designs

Purple acrylic nail designs

Purple acrylic nail designs will look very good if you combine it with a proper outfit. Some say that purple color symbolize something elegant and calm. Other reference also suggest that purple is the color of noble since it is …Continue reading →

Ghetto Acrylic Nail Designs

Ghetto acrylic nail designs

Ghetto acrylic nail designs is our main topic here today. Some people associated this kind of design with African America women since it’s called as ghetto, which is term that used to call an environment where black people with low-life …Continue reading →

Pink Acrylic Nail Designs

Pink acrylic nail designs

Pink acrylic nail designs is our main topic here today. You know that pink color has been associated with women for the past few years. That’s why this kind of style still remain very popular, even there are plenty of …Continue reading →

Acrylic Nail Designs 2011

Acrylic nail designs 2011

Acrylic nail designs 2011 is our main topic here today. Some of you might think that this topic is kind out dated, but don’t take it wrong. Some of these designs might able to spark some inspiration on your mind. …Continue reading →

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