Rudolf Nail Art

Rudolf nail art will be the best way to welcome Christmas this year. If rudolf is your favourite santa’s deer, then you’re definitely need to try the rudolf nail art. I believe that there are lot of your friends that will be amazed with your rudolf nail art later. But here’s the surprise girls, this kind of design is really easy to create! If you want to learn more, i suggest you to read my tutorial of rudolf nail art.

Rudolf nail art

Ready to unveil the whole rudolf nail art? then you should sit tight and don’t point your browser to anywhere else. When you are ready, use the red polish to paint all your nail tips. Except for the circle fingers, you have to paint a light brown circle on it. If you want to make an opaque result, you can use a brand new makeup brush. This is the first step to create rudolf nail art.

Rudolf nail art

Your ring finger will be the main part of the rudolf nail art. We’re gonna draw the fingers, antlers, nose, and eyes on it. If you want to make a precise drawing, make sure that you use the proper dotting tools. Don’t have any at home? Then use a toothpick! it is as good as an expensive dotting tools when it comes to creating simple design like rudolf nail art. Make sure that you let all the layers to dry before proceeding to the next steps. You can do other activities like watching TV or reading magazine while you wait until it is dry. For the final step, you can use the top coat on the rudolf nail art.

That’s all girls. Your own rudolf nail art is now ready to show it’s beauty! if you want to ask something more about this guide, you can write down your question on the comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with more tutorial of rudolf nail art here.

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