Pumpkin Patch Nail Art

Pumpkin Patch Nail Art is a good example for unique Halloween nail art. If you’re kinda bored with all those usual Halloween nail art, you may try to wear pumpkin patch nail art to impress your friend or neighbour in a quick trick or treat session. This kind of design can be created at home. Even beginner can do it within an hour. Interested? Then you should read my complete pumpkin patch nail art tutorial here!

Pumpkin patch nail art 1

Pumpkin patch nail art 2

Ready to start pumpkin patch nail art guide? Very good. First thing that you need to do is prepare all tools and polish that we’re gonna use on this tutorial. For nail polish, you should prepare white, orange, green, and gold glitter. On the other hand, set of tools that you should have around for pumpkin patch nail art are dotting tools, nail pen, and nail brush. Also don’t forget to clean up your nails before you start to create this design. Wash them with bathing soap. Trim your nails with nail buffer if it’s necessary. This way, you should end up with a good pumpkin patch nail art.

Pumpkin patch nail art 3

Pumpkin patch nail art 4

Ok, now we’re ready to create the pumpkin patch nail art. First, pick the white nail polish. Apply them to all over your nails. This will be our base coat. Then, we’re gonna paint the pumpkin shape using orange nail polish. How to do that? Easy. Just paint your nails with orange color but leave some part on the bottom of your nails in white. You can look at the picture above for guidance. That empty part will be our workplace to draw stem. Use green nail polish to draw this part. Now that you finish the stem, you can create the pumpkin patch nail art eyes, nose, and mouth using black nail polish. Just create the usual shape, the one that you always do when you create Jack O’ Lantern at home. Add gold glitter for accent. In order to give the smooth effect, use top coat on your nails. That’s it. Now you can go outside with your new pumpkin patch nail art!

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to ask more about this tutorial, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with more guide on pumpkin patch nail art here.

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