Poker Face Nail Art

Poker Face Nail Art is inspired by both stack of playing cards and Lady Gaga’s hit single. If you’re a fan of those stuffs, you might want to consider wearing poker face nail art on special occasion like birthday party or when you hang around together with your close friends. That is because poker face nail art use three color combinations and small touch of glittery gold nail polish, which shouldn’t work for formal look. Interested to create this design at home? Then you should ready my complete poker face nail art tutorial here.

Poker face nail art 1

Poker face nail art 2

Ready to start poker face nail art guide? Very good. Just like always, preparations are the most essential part in your attempt to make a good nail art. See if there’s any dirt, oil or cuticles on your nail. Both nail file and nail buffer are your best friend in creating good poker face nail art. Nail file should help you to remove cuticles, while nail buffer is extremely useful to re-shape your nails and clean ‘em up from those horizontal nails. You can also take advantage fro bathing soap. They will help you to free your hands from oil and durst. I guarantee, by doing these preparation steps, your nails will be ready to embrace the new poker face nail art.

Poker face nail art 3

Poker face nail art 4

Now, let’s start with the poker face nail art’s base coat. I recommend you to use white nail polish, so you better start to apply this color to all over your nails now. If some of you ask, why mine look little bit opaque, it’s because i create two layers of white polish. So if you want to replicate the same look, you better do similar thing. Next, you need to draw a diagonal edge pattern with black nail polish on your nail tip. Do this carefully so we will get a straight edge and lines. If you feel like you don’t have steady hands, you can use help from nail pen. This will be a crucial step to determine how good is your poker face nail art. Next, you need to create similar pattern at the bottom of your nail. But this time, you should use red nail polish. Grab your glittery gold nail pen and draw thin lines on each color to separate these two pattern. Glue rhinestone on the center to make your nail looks more appealing. Add top coat and your poker face nail art is ready.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to ask more about poker face nail art, feel free to write down the question on the comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with additional guide on poker face nail art here.

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