Pick Up Stix Nail Art

Pick Up Stix Nail Art is a great solution for those of you who want to achieve good look in the most simplest way. I’ve already to create pick up stix nail art on my own and i must say that this is the fastes nail design that i ever attempt to put on my nails. It takes between 1-2 minutes to work on each nails. The process will be faster if you plan to use it on specific nail only. Interested? Then you should read my complete pick up stix nail art guide here!

Pick up stix nail art 1

Pick up stix nail art 2

Ready to start pick up stix nail art tutorial? I bet you do. First thing first girls. To make good nail art, you’re gonna need a nice nails. That is why preparation step is a crucial element to determine whether you’re able to produce good nail art or not. See and check if there is any cuticles on your nails. If there’s any, you should use nail file to remove them. Look in the mirror and see your hands. Does your nail’s shape look good? If they’re ruined because of the previous design, you better start to trim them with a good and new nail buffer. As soon as you done with these steps, wash your hands with bathing soap, dry it, and we are ready to create pick up stix nail art.

Prepare your black nail polish, because we’re gonna use it as our base coat on pick up stix nail art. If you want to make it look opaque, you can create one or two more layers of base black coat. Remember, you need to wait a layer until it is completely dry before you add another one. This rule also work for each step on this tutorial. Unless you want smudged nail art, you better remember it girls. Now, assuming that you’re done with the base coats, we can now start to create the sticks. Create these stix are pretty simple. Grab a stripping brush and dip it in your white nail polish. Make few slashes on your nails and you should have some nice patter there. Please note that you should make the design as natural as possible. Don’t think about it too much. For the final touch, add top coat and you are ready to go outside with your new pick up stix nail art.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to know more about this tutorial, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with additional information about pick up stix nail art here.

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