Turkey Trot Nail Art

Turkey trot nail art-1

Turkey trot nail art will make a good complement for your Thanksgiving Day’s look. It is quite fun to create and look very cute. If you have daughters or little nephew, you can ask her to wear this turkey trot …Continue reading →

Autumn Glitter Nail Art

Autumn glitter nail art-1

Autumn glitter nail art is good for those of you who want to have a sparkling look on this autumn. If you love brown color, you might want to wear autumn glitter nail art more, because this nail design is …Continue reading →

Silver Swirls Nail Art

Silver swirls nail art-1

Silver swirls nail art will make a good treat for those of you who love to wear glittery nail art. It is not too hard to create, but you can still impress your friends with this silver swirl nail art. …Continue reading →

Heartthrob Nail Art

Heartthrob nail art-1

Heartthrob nail art will be a good way to boost your everyday’s appearance on Valentine day. If you’re currently bored with the usual Valentine day nail art, you should consider to wear heartthrob nail art. It is quite tricky to …Continue reading →

Dotcom Nail Art

Dotcom nail art-1

Dot com nail art is one of the best way to decorate your nails in a simple yet elegant way. This kind of nail art is dominated with black nail polish. If you’re happen to have some free time, you …Continue reading →

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