Outfit-Themed Nail Art

Outfit-themed nail art is basically an attempt to create such nail art that currently go very well with your current outfit. For example, if you’re currently use red dress, then you might want to decorate your nails with maroon-colored design or something like that. Choosing the right outfit-themed nail art can determine what kind of look that you will get in the end. I’m pretty sure that there are lot of women out there that still don’t understand how’s this exactly work. That is why i decide to explain some good tips for outfit-themed nail art.

Outfit-themed nail art

Ready to view the full tutorial of outfit-themed nail art? Very good. Just like any other nail art, you must make sure that your nails are well-prepared. This is very important since we’re gonna put lot of polish on your nails. A smooth and clean nail will make sure that all those coating penetrate very well. The result? a fine and long lasting outfit-themed nail art!

Outfit-themed nail art

So, let’s say that you’re done with the preparation step for outfit-themed nail art. First thing that you need to do is apply base coat. If you want to make an opaque look, do this step for two or three times. Grab any color that you like. In this case, you should pick nail polish that go well with your current outfit. Apply them to all over of your nails. In order to make it looks appealing, add any kind of graphics that you like. If you’re wearing a text graphics tee, take some words from your shirt and put it on your nails. For the final step, add top coat on your outfit-themed nail art.

Well, it is quite simple right? Within minutes, i believe you should be able to create a good outfit-themed nail art. If you want to ask more about this tutorial, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with more guide on outfit-themed nail art.

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