Music Note Nail Art

Music note nail art is a really good design. If you’re currently in the mood to sing, then music note nail art is the best way to express how you feel that day. It is not too hard to create, so you can learn how to do it at home. While you create your own music note nail art, you can even sing along in the process! Isn’t that sounds fun? If you agree with me, then you should stay here and read my article of music note nail art.

Music note nail art

So, are you ready to reveal the full tutorial of music nail art? If you do, then you need to clean your nail first. Make sure that they are free from any kind of cuticles and dirt. Use the nail file to remove them all. Grab a fine nail grit board to create a nice and clean nail surface. Take the nail polish remover to clean all the previous material from the design that you worn before. Soon as you finish these preps, we can start to create the music note nail art.

Music note nail art

Music note nail art

Music nail art, at least based on my interpretation, need you to use the white color as base. Make sure that the white polish that you use is pretty solid and bold. Create them in two different layers to make sure of that.Two layers will also make it looks opaque, which is good. Wait until it dry. Grab small brush to draw three thin horizontal lines on the 2/3 part of your nails. Once all those lines get dry, you can use the same brush to draw the dots and the whole music dots. It is up to you to create what kind of music note. For the final step, you can add the top coat on your music note nail art.

That’s all girls, your music note nail art is ready! If you want to ask more question about music note nail art, you can write it down on the comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with more tutorial on music note nail art.

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  • russ gulla

    wowwww… i love music and nail art too.. em gonna try allllll of them they are awusome!