What a Lady Nail Art

What a Lady Nail Art is a design that feature ladybug and small flowers and grass scenery as background. If you want to welcome spring with new mood, there is no better way that wearing What a Lady nail art. I know that this nail design is not that easy to create, but you may try to do it at home. Carefully pick your tools and polish, so you will get a good result. If you need more help, you can read my What a Lady nail art tutorial here.

What a Lady nail art 1

Ready to start What a Lady nail art guide? Very nice. First, you might want to prepare all your nails. Clean them up with a standard bathing soap. It will remove all oils and dirt that attached on your fingers. If you have nail file at home, you can use it to remove cuticles. Do not forget to take advantage from nail buffer to re-shape your nails. Apply base coat or moisturizing cream if it’s necessary. After you finish these preparations, we can start to create What a Lady nail art.

What a Lady nail art 2

What a Lady nail art 3

Now, we need to make the base coat for What a Lady nail art. In this tutorial, i will use light blue polish. Apply them to all over your nails. Soon after these base coats dry, you can start to paint the background. Use dotting tools to draw yellow and white circles on the corner of your nail tip. This will be our flower for What a Lady nail art. Do not forget to use your stripped brush to draw some nice green grass. When these part dry, you can continue with drawing cloud on bottom of your nails. Use brush and dotting tools to make it look accurate and natural. In order to make the ladybug, we’re gonna use acrylic paint. Create a red circle as the body and smaller black circle as head. Attach them together. Add black dots on the body of ladybug. On the other hand, you can use white polish to draw the ladybug’s eyes. Attach our ladybug on your nails. Do not forget to add top coat. That’s it. Our What a Lady nail art is finish!

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to know more about What a Lady nail art, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will he happy to provide you with more guide and tips for What a Lady nail art here.

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