Hot Dots Nail Art

Hot Dots Nail Art is a good variant of polka dots nail art. If you’re currently bored with the available dot nail design, you might want to consider wearing hot dots nail art. This kind of design is very easy to create, yet you can impress your friends with it. Just make sure you have various size of dotting tools at home and everything will be fine. Interested? Then continue scrolling and read my hot dots nail art tutorial here!

Hot dots nail art 3

Ready to start hot dots nail art guide? Very good. First thing that you always need to do is prepare. It is very important to do series of preparation steps to make sure that your nails are ready to take new design. See if there’s any horizontal lines on your nails. You can remove them with a fine-new nail buffer. In order to remove all those annoying cuticles, you might want to grab a nail file. Bathing soap is also very useful to remove oils and dirt. For those of you who need additional medical ointment, you better do it now. Done with these preparation steps? Then we can continue to make our Hot dots nail art.

Hot dots nail art 2

Hot dots nail art 3

Hot dots nail art use white nail polish as base coat. However, if you don’t posses any at home, you can replace it with light pink polish. No matter what color that you pick, you should start to use it on all over your nails. When you’re done, you should grab your dotting tools. Create a medium dots at the center of your nails with dark pink nail polish. Then continue to make an “X” pattern with additionally dots. Remember, you still need to use same nail polish here. Now, you need to add smaller dots across and down the previous pattern. Use lighter pink color here. Soon after you done with those smaller dots, you should continue with even smaller dots. But this time, we’re gonna use purple polish. See picture above if you don’t have any idea about what i’m talking about here. For the final step, you can apply top coat and your hot dots nail art is ready.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to know more about this tutorial, just write down your question on the comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with additional tips and guide for hot dots nail art here.

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