Honor Nail Art Ideas

Honor nail art should be good way for those of you who want to show your feeling to US Army. Off course it will also look good for anyone who love everything that related to military theme. Honor nail art is dominated with black colors, so you can wear it to school or for your everyday look. Plus, it is also very easy to create. I manage to finish a nail in less than 10 minutes, so you must be able to work quicker than that. Interested to learn more about this? Then you should read my complete guide on how to create honor nail art here.

Honor nail art-1

Ready to start my complete guide on honor nail art? Very good. Just like always, it’s better to make sure that your nails are ready to take new design. You should let no paint or polish stay on your nails before you start to work on the design, so you better start using nail polish remover now. It will prevent smudge on your honor nail art. Use nail file to trim and re-shape your nails. For those of you who have problem with cuticles, you can use nail file. Washing your hands with clean water will help remove oils on your hands. Once you done with these preparation steps, we can start the tutorial for honor nail art right away.

Honor nail art-2

Honor nail art-3

Just like usual, we should start with the base coat. In this honor nail art, i recommend you to use black nail polish. Start using this color to all over your nails. Work carefully. Take all time that you need since you are working alone at home. Once all these coats dry, grab your yellow nail polish. Create an outline on your nails with this color. Do not forget to add two thin yellow line on the bottom part. Paint white line between yellow lines and write down US ARMY. Last but not least, you need to draw a white star on top. Make yellow outline on it. Use top coat and you can go outside with your brand new honor nail art.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to know more about this honor nail art guide, you better contact me via comment box below. I will try my best to provide you with more tips and suggestion on honor nail art here.

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