Goody Two-Shoes Nail Art

Goody Two-Shoes Nail Art is very good for those of you who are looking for new-cute design for your nails. It is dominated with pink nail polish, which should be suitable for your everyday looks. Especially if you’re a students. You should consider to wear goody two-shoes nail art from now on, because it is very easy to do. Interested? then you should stay here little bit longer and read my complete tutorial of goody two-shoes nail art.

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Ready to start goody two-shoes nail art guide? I bet you do. First thing that you need to do is prepare all your nails. Make sure that there are no cuticles or dirt on them, so you won’t get smudge on your goody two-shoes nail art. If you have nail file at home, you can use it to remove them completely. Do not forget to use nail buffer to re-shape your nails, turn them back into their original form. For the final step, you can wash your hands with bathing soap. This will help to remove all those oily fingers. As soon as you finish with these steps, you can start to create the goody two-shoes nail art.

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Like i said earlier, goody two-shoes nail art is dominated by pink color. That is why you need to use shimmering hot pink nail polish as your base coats. Start to apply this color to all over your nails. If you want to make an opaque look, you better add two more layers on it. Please remember that base coats is an important part from goody two-shoes nail art, so you better do it carefully. When you’re finish grab light pink nail polish and draw two pattern of flip flap on the center part of your nails. In order to make it look more real, you neeed to use dark purple nail polish. Use this color to create straps and add outline on each flip flap shape. Now, it’s time to use your dotting tools. Make a small yellow dot on the joint part of each straps. Add small white dots around it, so you will have a nice little flowers. Add top coat and you can go outside with your new goody two-shoes nail art.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now guys. If you want to know more about this tutorial, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with additional tips for goody two-shoes nail art here.

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