French Ruler Nail Art

French Ruler Nail Art is good for those of you who already feel bored to the traditional color of French manicure. It will look good for those of you who currently spend most of your times at school since French ruler nail art feature a cute image of a rule! That is pretty obvious right? In addition, French ruler nail art is also pretty easy to create. If you interested, i suggest you to stay here little bit longer. Read my complete tutorial of French ruler nail art here.

French ruler nail art-1

Ready to start French ruler nail art guide? Very good. Like i always said, you need to prepare your nails first each time you want to create new nail art. And French nail art is no exception to this rule. Use nail file to remove all cuticles and dirt on your hand. If you want to have a nice nail bed, you should grab a nail buffer and start trimming your nails. Wash your hands with a nice bathing soap will help to remove oils and dirt. Once you finish these preparation steps, we can start to create our own French ruler nail art.

French ruler nail art-2

French ruler nail art-3

French ruler nail art require a great base coats. In this case, i will use yellow glitter nail polish. Since our nail art is based on French manicure pattern, you need to apply this color to your nail bed only. In order to color the nail tip, you need to use white color. Wait until all of these coats to dry before you move on to the next step in creating French manicure nail art. Now, grab your black nail polish. Draw to horizontal lines on your nail tip. See pictures of French nail art above if you don’t have any idea what i am talking about right now. In order to create a real look of a ruler, you need to draw smaller lines and numbers between those two lines. Finish with top coats. That’s it! Now you can wear French ruler nail art to school!

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to know more about French ruler nail art, you better write down your question on the comment box below. I will try my best to help you and provide you with more tutorial of French ruler nail art here.

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