Frankies Nail Art

Frankies Nail Art will become your unique Halloween look. Why? Because it is inspired by Frankenstein characters! However, unlike the usual Frankenstein nail art, Frankies nail art is dominated with neon green nail polish. It should look quite different than any other nail art that inspired by Halloween theme. If you interested to create Frankies nail art, you better stay here little bit longer. That is because i have some nice tips and guide for Frankies nail art here.

Frankies nail art-1

Ready to start Frankies nail art guide? Very good. First thing that you need to do is clean up your nails. Grab nail file and start to remove cuticles on your nails. I recommend you to trim your nails using nail buffer as well. This will prevent smudge on your Frankies nail art. If you think that your hands and fingers contain too much oil, you can get rid of them by washing your hands. A fine bathing soap should get the job done. Dry with towel and you can start to create your own Frankies nail art.

Frankies nail art-2

Like i said earlier, Frankies nail art use neon green nail polish as base coats. Start using this color to all over your nails. You need to work carefully since this is an essential part of your Frankies nail art. Grab your black nail pen and start to draw Frankenstein face. I recommend you to start with the hair, stitch, mouth, eyebrow, and mouth. Paint orange circles under the eyebrow. Outline them using black nail polish. This will be the eyes of our Frankies nail art. Paint two set of eye using black and white nail polish. You need to outline them with black color as well. Draw triangle shape beneath the eyes and fill it with glitter powder. This will be the nose. Add top coat and your Frankies nail art is finish.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to know more about Frankies nail art, you better contact me via comment box below. Keep an eye on my webpage because i might come back soon with more tips for Frankies nail art here.

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