Flower Nail Design

Flower nail design is already become so popular among women. Especially the one that love to paints their nails. Not only because flower symbolize women, love, or feminine, but also because that flower nail design is the perfect way to show your current mood. How come? Well, let’s say that you’re currently living a happy summer this year, then why don’t you use the sun flower designs on your nails? There are plenty of flower nail design to choose around. That’s why today, we’re posted some great pictures about it. Let’s hope that all of these images are able to spark some idea in your mind.

Flower nail designFlower nail design

In order to create the best flower nail design, you must grab few tools and material. Nail polish is one of the most important, you will be able to create a nice coating in your nails. Coating is very important to protect your nails, right before you apply the coloring material. This will help you to achieve best effect from flower nail design.

Flower nail designFlower nail design

Other things that you need to prepare is thin paint brush, acrylic paints, toothpick, clear nail polish. The last component that we mention is better be used on the final step since it will lock everything on it’s place and make it looks shiny. You are also free to add some other accessory like gems, crystal, or colored stones. Just make sure that you’re not miss any steps from our guide and we will guarantee that you will have nice flower nail design.

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