Effie Trinket Nail Art

Effie Trinket nail art will be one of the best nail design for all the fans of The Hunger Games. You know that Effie Trinket is one of the character in the movie. Today, we’re gonna try to replicate Effie Trinket nail art that was shown during the reaping. If you look it at TV, some of you might consider it is too hard to create. But there is no need to worry girls. All you have to do is sit tight on your seat and read my complete article of Effie Trinket nail art.

Effie Trinket nail art

So, are you ready to find out the secret tutorial of Effie Trinket nail art? Then you should prepare your nail first. Make sure that there are no cuticles or dirt lying around every tips of your nail. Clean them up using nail polish remover and soak them into water. Wait until them dry and we can start to create the Effie Trinket nail art.

Effie Trinket nail art

Effie Trinket nail art is based on fuchsia color. That is some kind of red that i use on this tutorial. Apply it too all over your nails. Remember, you need to wait for them until dry before you proceed to the next step. Now, we will give your Effie Trinket nail art some kind of gold accent. Grab a kitchen sponge or Q-tip to do this. Push it gently so 2/3 of your nails will be covered up with gold polish. Wait until it is very dry before you continue to work with the other nails. Make sure to do it carefully for the best result. In order to add the shiny and smooth effect on the final step, you may use the top coat on your Effie Trinket nail art.

There you go, your Effie Trinket nail art is ready! Easy isn’t it? I know that some of you might still want to ask couple of question. That is why i encourage you to write down on the comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with more guide on Effie Trinket nail art.

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