Cornered Nail Art

Cornered Nail Art is a simple nail art. But don’t take it wrong girls, you can still impress some of your school’s friends with cornered nail art. In order to make it look more appealing, you can wear shirt or outfit with matched color or pattern. I am pretty sure that cornered nail art will make you look more beautiful. Plus, it is not that hard to create. Interested? Then you should read my complete tutorial of cornered nail art here.

Cornered nail art 1

Ready to start cornered nail art guide? Very good. First thing that you need to do is prepare all your nails. Clean them up with bathing soap. This will help to remove oils from your nails and hand. Last thing that we want from cornered nail art is smudge, so you better remove all cuticles and re-shape your nails using nail file and nail buffer, respectively. If you want to completely wipe all your previous nail art, which is mandatory in our attempt to create cornered nail art, you can use a fine nail polish remover. As soon as you finish these preparation steps, we can start to create our own cornered nail art.

Cornered nail art 2

Cornered nail art 3

Now we need to create base coats for our cornered nail art. I am gonna use shimmering tan nail polish. Start to apply this color on all over your nails. If you want to create an opaque look, you better add one or two more layers on your nail. Remember, you need to wait for these coats to dry before you continue with the next steps on creating cornered nail art. Grab your brown nail polish and start co create single vertical lines and three horizontal lines on your nails. See picture above if you don’t have any idea what i am talking about right now. It should be a good guide on your attempt to create cornered nail art. Add one black lines on the vertical and horizontal part. For the final step, you can add top coat on your cornered nail art.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to know more about cornered nail art, you better write down your question on the comment box below. I will be happy to read them and provide you with additional tips and guide for cornered nail art here.

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