Cheeseburger Nail Art

Cheeseburger nail art is a great nail design that will also become your greatest tribute to this all-American food. I know that there are plenty of people out there who love to eat cheeseburger. There’s no better food than this one. Especially when you’re currently enjoy your time watching TV or World Series. There are lot of cheeseburger nail art available around the Internet right now. If you interested to create one of them, you can read my complete guide on cheeseburger nail art here.

Cheeseburger nail art

Ready to start full tutorial of cheeseburger nail art? very good. First thing that you need to do is completely remove all nail polish that currently attached on your nails. You can use nail polish remover to get this thing done. Don’t forget to use nail file. It will remove all cuticles and dirt. For the final step, use nail buffer to re-shape your nails. This way, you should be ready to create cheeseburger nail art.

Cheeseburger nail art

Grab a yellow nail polish. It is very important that you pick the one that look like bun. That will be a good addition for your cheeseburger nail art. Paint top side only of your nails with this color.Wait until all of them get dry. Now, take brown polish. Draw a thick line with it. This will reassemble the meat. On the next step, you need to use red and green polish. We’re gonna make the lettuce and tomato for your cheeseburger nail art. Then it’s time for the important part. Draw a single line using orange nail polish. You’re about to draw the cheese! Grab yellow nail polish once again and cover up your design with another “bun”. For the final step, add top coat on your cheeseburger nail art.

Well, that’s all! If you want to ask more about this tutorial, feel free to write down the question via comment box below. I will be happy to provide more guide on cheeseburger nail art here.

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