Checker Nail Art

Checker nail art is the best solution for any of you who want to make a simple but unique nail design. If you don’t know what checker is, just check out a chess board. Those black and white square pattern is called as checker. It looks like checker nail art take it’s inspiration from the board. I won’t talk further about the history of this design, but if you want to learn how to create it, i will be happy to share you my tutorial of checker nail art here.

Checker nail art

Ready to start the guide of checker nail art? I hope you do. First thing that you need to do is apply transparent base coat on all over your nails. Make sure that you do it carefully. Do not forget to distribute the coating evenly. These base coat are very important to avoid stains and damage on your nails. Since we’re trying to achieve opaque looks, it will be better if you create two base layers. This is the first step to create checker nail art.

Checker nail art

Grab a white marker and use it to draw squares pattern on all your nails. Pick squares that you want to be white and apply white polish on it. The next step is pretty self explanatory right? Dip your nail brush into black polish and fill in the rest of blank squares with black colors. You might need to wait for about 5 or 10 minutes before all those polish dry. That is why i suggest you to spend your times on other activity like reading magazine or watching TV. When all of them completely dry, apply top coat on your checker nail art.

That’s it! Now you can go outside with a brand new checker nail art. If you want to ask more question about this tutorial, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with more tutorial of checker nail art here.

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