Camouflage Nail Designs

Camouflage nail designs is a perfect nail designs for anyone who interested with the military-related stuffs. That’s because the camouflage pattern is often used on the military equipment like vehicle and weapon. So, if you have a boyfriend at the army or want to welcome the veteran day, you might want to use camouflage nail designs on your hand. Please note that wearing camouflage nail designs doesn’t mean that you have to look boy-ish. With the correct color combination, you can have a gorgeous and cute camouflage nail designs.

Camouflage nail designs

Camouflage nail designs are traditionally presented with the combination between three different colors, depends on what kind of environment that need to be disguised. For winter or snow land, the colors will be white, grey, and black. On the other hand, desert environment camo’s will consist of green, light green, and yellow colors. However, you interpret your own camouflage design by creating new pattern called as glam-ouflage! It is the term that i use when you want to use light/neon colors like pebble blue, pink, and orange in a standard camouflage pattern. Some of you might laugh hearing this idea, but seriously, ty it. You will be amazed with the result of this designs. It will make a good camouflage nail designs.

Camouflage nail designs

Camouflage nail designs

Camouflage nail designs is not that hard to create. First, you need to determine the colors that you want to use for the base layers. In this case, i’ll choose the blue colors. Make sure that you create it in two or three layers. Soon after you’re done with that, you can start to create some sort of camouflage pattern using the pink color. When it’s dry, you need to continue with the third color. Soon after you finish it, add the nail polish to make everything looks nice. There you go! your own camouflage nail designs.

Well, that’s all i can tell you right now. If you interested to look for more tips and guide for camouflage nail designs, you can contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to answer all your question about camouflage nail designs.

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  • La Toya G. Taylor

    Hey what colors were used for the last camo look?