Caliente Nail Art

Caliente Nail Art is one of the best western-themed nail art around. It feature chili graphics and should be more than enough to heat up your look! Caliente nail art is quite easy to create. Just prepare all the required things and tools and you should be able to make it at home. It doesn’t require special skills, so it is an everybody nail art. Interested? then you should check my complete tutorial of caliente nail art here.

Caliente nail art 1

Ready to start caliente nail art guide? I bet you do. First thing that you need to do is, wait for it, preparations! Yes, this is mandatory in every attempt to make new nail art. Look at your fingers and see if there are any cuticles around. Immediately remove them by using nail file. If you want to re-shape your nails, grab your nail buffer. Take your time girls. Since you work at home, you can use all time that you need to prepare your nails. Wash them on water with bathing soap as soon as you finish preppings. Now we can start to work on the design of caliente nail art.

Caliente nail art 2

Caliente nail art 3

Caliente nail art use beige polish as base coat, so you need to apply such color on all over your nails. Wait until each layer to dry before you move on to the next step. This is very important so i am always ask you to remember it. Now, use light orange polish and create good swirl on your beige coat. It should start from bottom and move along until your reach a quarter part of your nail. Like i said before, caliente nail art feature chili graphics. Use your nail pen to draw some of them. Make sure that you place it between the base coat and curls. Do not forget to add some leaves to make it look more appealing. Add black polish outlines on your drawings. You might want to add extra accent, so you better use beige color. Add top coat and your caliente nail art is finish!

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. Feel free to write down your question on the comment box below if you want to know more about this tutorial. I will be happy to provide you with more guide on caliente nail art here.

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