Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

Breast cancer awareness nail art is one of the most simplest design. If you want to help raising the awareness for this deadly disease, you can do it in style girls. How? by wearing the breast cancer awareness nail art off course! I thought you have figure it out already when you read the title of this article. In order to do this kind of nail art, you need pink and white colors. Don’t forget to bring along some nail polish to make your design looks more appealing. This is my tutorial on how to create breast cancer awareness nail art.

Breast cancer awareness nail art

Ready to read the full breast cancer awareness nail art? Good. Just like every tutorial that i post in here, you need to prepare your nail first. Use the nail file to remove all the cuticles and dirt on your nails. It is better if you have fine grit board at home. You can use it to make a clean nails surface. I can tell you that it will make the paint penetrate very fine on your nails. Done with all these preparation steps? then we can now move on to the real deal in the breast cancer awareness nail art.

Breast cancer awareness nail art

Using the white paint, you need to color all your nail tips. Please note that there is an exception for the index finger. You need to paint the whole part of it’s nail with white color. Now, it is time to use the pink color that i ask you to prepare in the first place. Using the makeup brush, you need to draw pink line on the white nail tips that you’ve create previously. In order to create the breast cancer awareness sign on the index finger, you can use the makeup brush as well. For the finishing step, you can add top coat on your breast cancer awareness nail art.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you think that i miss something from my explanation, feel free to write down the question on the comment box below. I will be happy to answer all your curiosity to tutorial of breast cancer awareness nail art.

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