Bonjour Nail Art

Bonjour Nail Art is another form of traditional French manicure. If you already bored with the usual pink and white color combination on French manicure, i suggest you to try wearing bonjour nail art from now on. It is fresh, simple, yet elegant. Just look at those beautiful curve and you will be agree with me. Bonjour nail art is not too hard to create. It only need more time and little bit patience. If you interested to learn, I suggest you to stay here little bit longer and read my complete bonjour nail art tutorial.

Bonjour nail art 1

Ready to start bonjour nail art guide? Very good. First thing that you need to do is prepare all your nails. Most women forget to do this very well so they’re unable to get a perfect look from bonjour nail art. If you already wear a nail art, clean ‘em up first using nail polish remover. Make sure that there are no colors left. In order to clean your nails from cuticles, it will be better if you use nail file. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to re-shape your nails, nail buffer will be a perfect tool to do that job. We don’t want oily fingers for our bonjour nail art, so you better start washing them with a fine bathing soap. As soon as you finish these preparation steps, we can start to create our own bonjour nail art.

Bonjour nail art 2

Bonjour nail art require you to paint your nails with base coat. There are lot of light color out there, but i decide to pick natural one. A color that will reassemble my skin tone. I prefer to use light pink on this tutorial girls. If you don’t have such nail polish, you can use other color. Just make sure that it is match with white nail polish. That is our second color on this bonjour nail art. Start to apply the light pink polish to all over your nails. If you want to make an opaque look, create one or two more layers. As soon as the base coats dry, you need to paint your nail tips with white nail polish. We’re gonna start with traditional French manicure pattern here. Grab your nail pen and fill it with white nail polish. Start to create decorative curve. Just follow the lines of your nail tips and add more lines as you move upward. Look at the pictures of bonjour nail art that i posted above for reference. Do not forget to include decorative white dots. In order to create smooth and shiny look, you can add top coat on your bonjour nail art.

That’s it! now you can go outside with your brand new bonjour nail art. If you want to ask more about this tutorial, feel free to contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to provide you with more tutorial and tips for bonjour nail art here.

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