Bejeweled Nail Art

Bejeweled Nail Art is a good example of a nail design that use rhinestones and jewel. If you plan to create such dramatic look on your nails, you should consider to wear bejeweled nail art from now on. Bejeweled nail art will look best if you wear it on evening formal event like dinner gala or even prom! Interested to learn how to create bejeweled nail art? You better stay here little bit longer and read my complete guide of bejeweled nail art here!

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Ready to start bejeweled nail art guide? I bet you do. I recommend you to clean up your nails first. Use nail file to remove all those cuticles. Grab your nail buffer to remove horizontal lines on your nail’s bed. If you want to re-shape your nails, you can use the same tool. Washing your hands with a bathing soap will help to remove oily fingers. If you need to do additional medical ointment, you better do this right now. Once yo’re finish with these preparation steps, we can start to create our own bejeweled nail art.

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Ok, let’s start with the bejeweled nail art base coats. We’re gonna use beige nail polish as our main coats. You need to work carefully if you want to come out with a nice bejeweled nail art. Take your time since you’re working at your own home. If you want to create such opaque look, you need to add one or two more base coat. Do not forget to add a big turqoise rhinestone at the center of your bejeweled nail art. Add four silver rhinestone on each corner of the rhinestone. If you have small green gems, you can surround the turqoise stone with it. You can also add silver lines on your nail tips. Add top coat and you can go outside with your new bejeweled nail art.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to know more abut this bejeweled nail art guide, you should write down your question on the comment box below. I will provide you with more tips for bejeweled nail art.

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