Bee Nail Art

Bee Nail Art is a good nail design that inspired by lovely honey-maker insect. If you love to wear colorful design and eat honey, you should consider to wear bee nail art. It is very cute and so simple. I manage to create bee nail art in less than 5 minutes (per nail), so you should be able to work it as fast as me. Please note that you need to work carefully though. Especially on the bee part since you need to add few details on it. Interested to learn more? Then you should read my complete bee nail art guide here!

Bee nail art-1

Ready to start bee nail art guide? You better be. Just like i always said, your nails won’t be ready to receive new nail art until you turn them back to their natural shape. That is why you should remove all cuticles using nail file and trim your nails with nail buffer. These steps are very important to remove smudge on your bee nail art. On the other hand, if you already wear nail art before, you might want to get rid of all those paint using nail polish remover. As soon as you done with the preparation, wash your hand with bathing soap and dry with towel. Now we can start to make bee nail art.

Bee nail art-2

Bee nail art-3

Like i said earlier, bee nail art is a colorful design. Let’s start with the base coats, shall we? I recommend you to use tangerine color since it is a perfect tone to simulate honey’s color. Start to use this color to all over your nails. Wait until all of them to dry before you move on to the next step in creating bee nail art. Now, it’s time to draw bee’s body and wings. Use white nail polish for this part. As soon as this white part dry, you need cover the bee’s body with yellow color. In order to make your bee come to live, you need to add black nail polish on the bee’s head, create black stripes on the body, outline the wings, and add some accent on it. Do not forget to make dotted lines that form flying pattern. Add top coat and you can go outside with your new bee nail art.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now girls. If you want to ask something about my guide on bee nail art, you can contact me via comment box below. Do not forget to check my web page often, because i might come back with another tutorial and guide for bee nail art here!

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