Apple Nail Art

Apple Nail Art is very good for those of you who love fruit-themed nail art. Let me tell you this, there are lot of different apple nail art design out there, but you should be able to find the simplest one here. I promise you, even beginner should be able to create this apple nail art without any problem. You just need some free time and patience. Do not forget to read my complete step by step tutorial for apple nail art.

Apple nail art 1

Ready to start apple nail art guide? You better be. First, i want you to check and see if there are something wrong with your nails. Look closely, is there any cuticles or dirt in there? Do your nails’s tip has lot of horizontal lines? Well, if you find such condition, you better do some preparation steps first. Use nail file to remove those weird cuticles. Washing your hands with bathing soap will help remove oil and dirt on your nails. Finally, use nail buffer to remove all those weird horizontal lines and you are ready to create the apple nail art.

Apple nail art 2

Apple nail art 3

Apple nail art need base coat. In this tutorial, i will use white glittery nail polish, so you better prepare some at home. Apply this color on all over your nails. Do this carefully, because we don’t want to have smudged nail art here. If you think that you can’t paint your left hand on your own, you can ask someone’s else help. It will be useful to lead you into a good apple nail art. When you finish with the base coats, paint an apple shape on the nail tip with red nail polish. Add black outline on the apple shape and do not forget to add tiny green stem. Do not forget to use white nail polish to add accent on both apple and stem. In order to make shiny effect, you can use white polish and your apple nail art is finish.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now. If you want to know more about apple nail art, you can contact me via comment box below. I will be happy to read all your question and provide you with more guide on apple nail art here.


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